- Los Angeles Woman's Shakespeare Co. - Odyssey Theatre Los Angeles
Associate Director / Choreography by Cate Caplin


The Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company has given us one of the most exciting, sexually provocative and brilliantly acted productions of 'Hamlet'... Miss Wolpe is absolutely mesmerizing. She brings a raw masculine sensuality to the part...An excellent cast...This is a must see production for not only Shakespeare fans, but for anyone, who loves great theatre.”

The Examiner

'Exciting, sexually provocative and brilliantly acted!' -The Examiner 

'Don't miss this chance to see LAWSC in action!' - Stage Happenings 

'You will not find a more impassioned version of Shakespeare's HAMLET... you would be wise to experience it before the end of its run!' -Broadway World 

'Simply astounding...to find acting of this caliber in Los Angeles is a rarity... superbly acted... see this production!' - LA. I'm Yours 

'A must see production for not only Shakespeare fans, but for anyone, who loves great theatre!' - Examiner.com 

'Wolpe is one of the great stage actors of our generation who breathes life into Shakespeare's words as though they were dredged from her own soul.' - Shakespeare In LA 

THE BEAT GOES ON - Rockin' with the Ages

CRITIC'S PICK - The Beat Goes On!
a Jackie Goldberg and Rockin' with the Ages Production
Written, Directed & Choreographed by Cate Caplin

What Director Cate Caplin has achieved with a group of 15 entertainers (actually 24 in the ensemble, with actors alternating roles at each performance) is amazing!

Cate Caplin wrote, directed, and choreographed the whole shebang with fun lovin’ pizzazz an

~ The Tolucan Times

Director/Choreographer Cate Caplin at the helm it will surprise you with its polich and precision.

~ Musicals in LA

SEXY WINDOWS - The 24th Street Theatre, Los Angeles
Directed and Choreographed by Cate Caplin

Cate Caplin directs the stellar cast and seamlessly melds her choreography …
Hilarious.... joyous.... zany....

~ Tolucan Times....

Director and choreographer Cate Caplin’s simple staging allows emotional truth to come through...
 ..... an inspirational show...charming ...touching ...courageous...

~ TheatreSpokenHere



Directed and Choeographed by Cate Caplin.

Stage director and choreographer Cate Caplin has ably directed a talented cast ... She’s done a fine job with the dance work, especially in the library scene, but throughout the show. ..  The show would be worth seeing for the music and ensemble numbers alone. .. this is a feel-good show well worth seeing. It’s pretty much impossible to walk out not humming something — possibly for days to come.

~ The Daily Progress

Choreographed by Cate Caplin

"Director/choreographer Cate Caplin scored once more with a fast-paced, superbly choreographed and high.on.entertainment..."

Caplin concentrated on presenting the big, bold, brightly lit theatrical Cabaret as it was first produced on Broadway in 1966, allowing the horror of the era to poke through and speak for itself.

Praise to one and all, including the members of the rousing Kit Kat Klub band onstage...and... especially to prolific director/choreographer Caplin without whose vision the show would not have gone on quite as zealously!"

~Grigware Reviews


Bootleg Theatre

...a multi-medium event with such a clever concept... Synesthesia is as fun, quirky and inventive as its notion.


The big credit for the success of Synesthesia, though, must go to Cate Caplin, who has directed tricky material with a deft, sure hand.


Director Cate Caplin keeps all the plates spinning in the lean production, editing together the various acts around the video interviews. Gabrieal Griego does a fine job defining each performance with a wide variety of lighting.



Fascinating Rhythms
Rubicon Theatre Company

"One of the most uniquely thrilling musical experiences to be found in the theatre right now is at the Rubicon Theatre in Ventura."

"Under the expertise of director/choreographer Cate Caplin, a ballroom dancer, the couples seamlessly weave the dances in and out of songs...."

~ Broadway World

"For lovers of ballroom dance, Fascinating Rhythms is a slick, polished production with all the drama and flair you’d expect. But whether or not you’re already a fan, you’ll recognize the sheer exhilaration of this kind of dancing. It’s flashy; it’s flamboyant; it’s ballroom, in all its glittering glory."

~ Santa Barbara Independent

"Caplin’s choreography makes excellent use of the narrative possibilities implicit in partner dance to invent playful and dramatic storylines suggesting seduction, infidelity, friendship and flirtation. This technique works especially well for ensemble numbers, allowing Caplin to seamlessly highlight individual dancers and gracefully move couples on and off the large stage "

~ Ventura County Reporter

Smokey Joe’s Café

Heritage Repertory Theatre

Cate Caplin has directed and choreographed a production that moves at the speed of great sounds – barely giving the audience, much less the performers, time to catch their breath…

Every note, movement, step, expression creates a package of performances that makes you forget it’s hot outside because of the theatre heat generated inside…

Cate Caplin has outdone herself.  True, she has great performers and musicians to work with, but pulling together this show in tow and a half weeks, with all the comic and choreographic details that work so well, is incredible!

Spanish Harlem is a tribute to the overall variety and skill of Caplin’s Choreography…Caplin has created a whole escapist worls onstage…Smokey Joe’s Café sparkles…Rollicking, rocking Smokey Joe’s Café…There, is quite simply, nothing bad ab out this production… Shamlessly entertaining…

~ The Daily Press

Things are smoking at Smokey Joe’s Café…
A rollicking review of song and dance…
The proof of Caplin’s confidence and know-how lies in the seeing…
Spontaneous standing ovations and whoops of delight…
Awesome example of the power of movement…
Spanish Harlem – one of the numbers in which (Cate) Caplin proves her
Choreographic skill… It’s all such fun and movingly nostalgic to boot…

~ The Observer



Rocky Horror Show
Ray of Light Theatre

"Rocky Horror Show so good it shuts up its audience.... a well-executed live production of Rocky Horror will be a revelation for fans of the movie, because it places the energy squarely where it belongs — with the performers. In Ray of Light's joyously sleazy production at the Victoria Theatre, the near-perfect cast manages to pay tribute to the film while outpacing it in almost every way."
" .... beautifully executed production numbers .... "

~ SF Weekly

Fasten your garter belt, come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab! .... a hilarious, sinfully twisted salute to sci-fi, horror, gender-bending and rock music, all rolled into one madcap musical

~ SF Sentinal

"Director and choreographer Cate Caplin has assembled some great, young, energy-driven singers and dancers for an exuberant musical that rocks the house!"

~ Talkin' Broadway

"Director Cate Caplin's smooth helming of Richard O'Brien's 1973 musical — basis for the undying midnight movie known for its extravagant audience participation rituals — includes fine choreography and respectable turns by an enjoyable cast..."

~ San Francisco Bay Guardian


Little Shop of Horrors
Actor's Co-Op

Under Cate Caplin’s direction, the show zips along. An amusing goof…Fun…it undeniably works…

~ LA Weekly

Cate Caplin’s direction and choreography are airtight and exemplary. Deliriously campy, this is Co-Op’s sleekest effort to date…

~ In LA Magazine

Director Cate Caplin nurtures the show’s goofy charms, wisely resisting any conceptual updates that might threaten the innocence of “Little Shop’s” Garden of Eden. There’s no denying the rosy bloom of a well-crafted staging as “Little Shop” entwines the audiences in its tendril mercies.

~ LA Times


Group Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Having a baby is one of the biggest game changers a couple can experience. Planned or unplanned, they are now creating a new future together; a world of their own in which they will examine their hopes, fears, dreams and regrets as they draw their lives from a new drawing board.

The Group Rep and director Cate Caplin have taken on the task of examining this world of all things “baby” in their current musical, Maltby & Shire's BABY.

One of the most delightful elements of BABY is Cate Caplin’s staging. By combining realistic movement, stylized choreographed moments and engaging dance segments like “Fatherhood Blues,” she has woven the journeys of the three couples together quite beautifully, enhancing the action with ensemble members Klair Bybee,Tonilyn Hornung, Beckett Arnold,Lareen Faye, Michael Cassano Jeremy M. Sage .
lcome a new arrival.


Sound of Music
Telluride Repertory Theatre

'Cate Caplin’s hand was everywhere visible. When passing out kudos for a production, I usually start with the director (in this case choreographer too) and Cate Caplin’s hand was everywhere visible. First, I’ve never seen a TellRep production with such a grand scope of dance and stage direction – every person in every scene moving in a scripted but iconic way. I loved that tableau effects, from nuns with candles to kids with curtains-for-clothes hopping into view like frogs. Second, this production had an interlapping unity and ensemble strength that made it succeed in its own right. Having been a movie and a play and a many-performed favorite, this classic can be tricky, unless the show wins audiences for what it does, not what it compares to. By weaving ensemble acting, solo performances, group songs, dance, tableau and music, Caplin deserved a standing ovation like the cast and orchestra got the Saturday night I saw it …

Dames at Sea
Heritage Repertory Theatre

"Star billing should go to Cate Caplin, Who not only directed Dames, but did it's superb choreography as well...

To straight-facedly deliver a slice of parody and to do it with style and grace, is a gift. Whatever the process, the result is appropriately smashing.
~ The Observer

Cate Caplin has done a fine job directing and choreographing this funny piece of fluff. The ensemble numbers are marvelous and a couple of them stopped the show on opening night.
~ Daily Progress

 BROADWAY BOUND - La Mirada Performing Arts - La Mirada CA
Choreographed by Cate Caplin

Cate Caplin has choreographed a lovely dance sequence to highlight one of Eugene and his mom’s best scenes together.

~ Stage Scene LA

... no previous Simon play had blended comedy and drama as seamlessly, nor done so in a way that made the transition from one genre to the other as believable, as Broadway Bound.

...  impeccable cast

... As always, La Mirada and McCoy Rigby have brought together a topnotch design team, giving Broadway Bound a Broadway-ready look, from scenic designer Bruce Goodrich’s richly detailed Brighton Beach home, to Ann Closs-Farley’s splendid era-specific costumes to Daniel Ionazzi’s impeccable lighting design.... In addition, Cate Caplin has choreographed a lovely dance sequence to highlight one of Eugene and his mom’s best scenes together.

LAKE ANNE - The Road Theatre Company -, Los Angeles
Choreographed by Cate Caplin

....certainly enriched by the creative choreography done by well-known choreographer Cate Caplin.

~ Stage Scene LA

O’Brien is not a trained ballet dancer but had to learn to pull it off. She worked with choreographer Cate Caplin. Levey is happy with the results.

~ LA Stage Times

The Victory Theatre

Under the lively, well-paced direction/ choreography of Cate Caplin, Bobbi Stamm (eGirl) and Lloyd Pederson (eBoy) are a crowd-pleasing dynamic duo!

~Tolucan Times

Cate Caplin directs a piece that showcases the talents of veteran character performers Bobbi Stamm (playing as the "e-girl") and Lloyd Pedersen (as "e-boy"). They act well, they sing better, and yes--they dance, too, playing out a mini-tribute to Fred & Ginger! (Cate Caplin also handles the choreography moves.)

~LCP Live

"eLove" is a bright, big-hearted musical, written by Wayland Pickard (original book, music and lyrics) and directed and choreographed by Cate Capin. The story is funny, romantic and optimistic... The choreography is deft and eye pleasing, the actors' natural but precise and well-planned movements giving the illusion of a much larger stage. The Fred Astaire-style dance number is especially enjoyable..."

~Jackie Houchin

Floyd Collins
West Coast Ensemble

... Choreographer Cate Caplin have made use of spaces you didn't know were there and brought to appalling life the Big Carnival (as the movie was called) that sprang up over the dank cave where Floyd Collins, "the greatest caver of his day", lay trapped by a fallen rock for two winter weeks in 1925.

... remarkable... appealing ... haunting... wistful... touching

This production does full justice to all the musical's remarkable values, as well as to its subject and its theme.

A CurtainUp Los Angeles Review

RECOMMENDED! AMAZING! IMPRESSIVE! The show peaks at the showstopper, "Is That Remarkable?" with newshounds dashing off Cate Caplin's pencil-and-pad choreography.

~ David Nichols, LA TIMES

Fullerton Civic Light Opera

"Cate Caplin's direction of the musical scenes and her choreography add greatly to the the staging's visual interests... A grand and glorious "Camelot."

~ Orange County Register

Cate Caplin had endowed the drama with gifted originality, choreography and musical staging. This musical is a joy!"

~ Fullerton Daily News